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What Your Favorite Royals Wear On Vacation

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While we're often used to seeing royals dressed up in elegant ballgowns and suits at galas and on the red carpet, members of the monarchy also need a break every once in a while and ditch their fancy ensembles for laid-back getups while on vacation. Whether they're skiing in the Alps or soaking up the sun on a private island, these royals definitely know how to look fashionable while on holiday.

While they're abroad on royal tours, however, they aren't officially off duty, but that doesn't stop royals like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle from switching up their usual conservative looks for more casual outfits. The Duchess of Cambridge, for example, looked pared back when she donned a vest and jeans during her and Prince William's 2016 hiking trip in Bhutan.

Royals such as Princess Diana, Princess Caroline, and Princess Margaret also donned ultra-stylish outfits during their holidays. The late Princess of Wales, in particular, always looked fashionable in her colorful ski suits and summer-ready jumpsuits. If we're being honest, we would wear a number of these vintage holiday looks from the '70s and '80s today. 

Ahead, see what your favorite royals wear on vacation.