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Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Fine Hair

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November 1, 2017 - John Phillips/Getty Images Europe more pics like this »
3. Hairstyles For Women With Fine Hair: Michelle Pfeiffer's Feathery Waves
Michelle sported this wavy style at the world premiere of Murder on the Orient Express. The feathery texture looked effortlessly elegant.

Thin Hair Tips: "Highlights are a great way to add texture and volume to fine hair. It roughs up the cuticle, making hair that is naturally limp and flat hold a voluminous style longer. his is the same reason highlights also weaken hair and require extra TLC. As long as you’re not overdoing it (a.k.a going in for touchups every few weeks), it’ll plump up your strands a bit sans product. If you’re concerned about damage," Colette told Self.