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The 10 Best Airbrush Makeup Brands Worthy Of The Red Carpet

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The latest makeup trend that beauty lovers can't stop raving about is one that has been a longtime favorite of professional makeup artists: Airbrush makeup. Often used by beauty gurus to create a flawless finish on A-list stars and models, airbrush makeup has found its way into the mainstream in the forms of must-have kits and spray foundations (Kris Jenner is a fan).  

And we can see exactly why airbrush makeup is favored by everyone from brides who want to look picture perfect on their big day to teenagers going for a glam and effortless result on prom night. Airbrush makeup is the choice for a flawless finish and when you don't want to spend your time layering traditional makeup to create a similar effect. 

According to Allure, there are a few key steps you don't want to skip if you're going to dive into airbrush makeup territory. First on the list? Prep your skin by cleaning and moisturizing — and skip the primer, you won't be needing it like you do for traditional makeup. Next, hold the airbrush four to six inches from your skin to get the perfect amount of coverage. And when you're applying foundation, move the airbrush in small circles for a your-skin-but-better result. When it comes to eye makeup, don't forget to turn down the air pressure when applying due to the delicate area. Another key step? Clean, clean, clean! Keep your brushes tidy to avoid mixing colors. Lastly, use a blotting sheet to remove excess shine after you've successfully applied the airbrush makeup.

The different types of formulas available for airbrush makeup are water-based, alcohol-based, and silicone-based. The first provides a matte finish while the other two options maximize the makeup's staying power. And if you needed even more convincing on why airbrush makeup is a go-to for makeup artists to the stars: It's capable of lasting up to 12 hours, the lightweight spray offers full coverage with minimal use makeup, and it's so easy to layer.

We rounded up the 10 best airbrush makeup brands you need to check out. Click through to see the list.